Bridging SRCX from BNB Chain to SOURCE Chain

Bridging SRCX from BNB to SOURCE with DeltaSwap (Planq Network) and IBC


These instructions are intended for those with and understanding of how transaction work on the blockchain. While Source uses IBC to securely make cross chain transactions to other IBC blockchains, BNB Chain does not use IBC. Therefor a bridge is required to make transactions between BNB Chain and the Cosmos Ecosystem.

Please be sure to follow and understand all the proceeding steps prior to making these transactions. If you send tokens to the wrong address it may be impossible to retrieve them and they may be lost forever.

Source Protocol and the partnering bridges can take no responsibility for any errors made or lost tokens as a result. Continue at your own risk.



SRCX is a Smart Contract ERC20 token that was initially deployed on the BNB Chain. In order to transfer SRCX to the SOURCE Blockchain and further to the Osmosis DEX, there are a few steps that need to be followed:

  • Bridge SRCX ERC20 from BNB to PLANQ Network with DeltaSwap

  • Convert SRCX from and ERC20 token to and IBC Token with DeltaSwap Convert

  • IBC transfer SRCX from PLANQ to the Source Blockchain

  • (Optional) IBC transfer SRCX from SOURCE to OSMOSIS

To summarize SRCX will travel on this path between networks:


Step 1. DeltaSwap Bridge

DeltaSwap is Bridge between the BNB Chain and the Cosmos Ecosystem through the Planq Network. Additional documentation and guides for DeltaSwap can be found HERE.

Users should have Metamask installed and connected to both the BNB Chain and Planq Networks.

Go to and connect your wallet.

Set the Source Chain to Binance and the Target Chain to Planq.

Under Tokens, select SRCX and choose the amount you want to transfer.

Now fill out the additional fields and prepare to make the trasaction. Double Check every prompt and accept when correct.

Once ready, its time to make your transfer.

The tokens will transfer to the bridge.

Now you MUST redeem your tokens! Failure to do so could result in a loss of tokens!

Be sure to add SRCX to Metamask on the Destination chain.

Congratulations, you have sent SRCX from the BNB Chain and have now recieved them on the Planq Network

Step 2. DeltaSwap Convert

Now that your SRCX is on the Planq Network, we must convert SRCX from ERC20 (Metamask) to and IBC Token (Keplr/Leap)

For this step, you must transfer or use the same wallet mnemonic from Metamask to Keplr or Leap.

To do this you will:

  • Go to your Metamask wallet>Click the 3 dots in the top right corner>click Account Details> Click Show Private Keys> copy private keys

  • Go to Keplr or Leap and click the icon in the top right corner then click "Add Account" > Import Existing Account> then paste your private keys from Metamask.

Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk! Your private keys are your keys to your wallets! These should never be shared and never be imported anywhere else!

With Keplr or Leap extension open head to

Your Wallet should connect to the Convert page and your SRCX balance will be displayed under ERC20. Click Convert and Convert your SRCX to IBC.

Now SRCX will display under IBC.

Now we can send SRCX from the Planq Network to the Source Blockchain by clicking the "Send" Icon next to your balance.

Enter your SOURCE address and click send and approve the transaction.

SRCX will now pass through IBC and will arrive to your address on the Source Network.

SRCX currently Displays properly in LEAP and on Osmosis. If using Keplr, ERC20 based tokens are not fully supported and may display with the token contract and with out the decimal place.

In Keplr SRCX may display as: erc20/0x091F9A57A3F58d758b6572E9d41675918EAC7F09

SRCX has an exponent of 9 decimal places. 1 SRCX may display as 1,000,000,000 erc20/0x091F9A57A3F58d758b6572E9d41675918EAC7F09 as seen below.

IBC Transfer SRCX Between The SOURCE Blockchain and OSMOSIS

Now that SRCX is on the Source Blockchain. Regular IBC transfers between SOURCE and OSMOSIS can take place. You can do this manually in your wallet as described here or you can do this directly on OSMOSIS by using the Deposit and Withdraw features on the Assets page to transfer the token between networks.

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