CW1 Tutorial

This tutorial will take you through compiling, storing and interacting with the CW1 subkeys contract in the cosmwasm-plus repo.

cosmwasm-plus contains production-grade contracts, whereas cosmwasm-examples, which we used in the previous tutorial, is optimised for readability and for those new to CosmWasm and/or smart contracts in general.

As before, this will take four steps. Unlike before, we have more options for executing commands once instantiated:

  1. Write the contract (already done)

  2. Store the contract on-chain

  3. Instantiate the contract

  4. Execute commands using the contract:

    1. As the admin key (A), set an allowance for a key (B)

    2. As the key with an allowance, send tokens to key (C)

    3. See tokens arrive at key (C)

    4. See allowance decrease for key (B)

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