SRCX: How to Purchase

How to Purchase SRCX on Pancake Swap
Purchasing and holding SRCX provides many benefits. It allows retail investors & enterprises alike to passively participate in DeFi markets through automated rewards called “Echoes.” Learn more About SRCX HERE.
SRCX can be purchased through Pancake Swap using Metamask. Step by Step instructions and a walk through Video can be found on the Source Website HERE.
*The instructions for purchasing with Trust Wallet and Metamask are nearly identical. If you choose to use the Trust Wallet phone app to make your purchase, you can later use your same SEED PHRASE to Upload and Import your Wallet on Metamask. This Article provides an easy walk through.* SRCX can also be traded on several centralized exchanges and then sent to your Metamask Wallet. These can be seen on the SRCX CoinMarketCap Listing.