A Community-Driven Fair Airdrop of SOURCE to Cosmos Hub and Source Token Supporters


The SOURCE-Drop has been carefully designed to provide maximum benefit to community members that hold Source Token (SRCX) (Source Protocol’s Automated DeFi market rewards token, BEP-20) and stake Cosmos Hub (ATOM). SRCX should be held in Metamask, and ATOM should be staked (delegated) to a trusted validator via Keplr Wallet. It is important to note that ATOM and SRCX staked or held on centralized exchanges will not be eligible for the airdrop.


About 40% of SOURCE's Genesis Supply will be airdropped to ATOM stakers and SRCX holders based on random snapshots of both networks taken before the SOURCE Genesis Event in Q4 of 2022 (Genesis Event Date TBD). The SOURCE-Drop will be whale-capped on both networks and will not be game-able.

All ATOM addresses that qualify will be included in the SOURCE Genesis Event. This means the same private keys in Keplr that staked your ATOM are automatically populated with SOURCE. It is therefore not required to perform any claim action.

All SRCX addresses that qualify will be included in the SOURCE Genesis Event, so long as the user registers on Source Protocol's Web 3.0 application by connecting their Metamask and Keplr Wallets. A Keplr wallet is necessary to generate a SOURCE wallet address and thus receive your eligible airdrop.

**As of writing (8/23/22), no ATOM or SRCX network snapshots have been taken. More information on specific eligibility ratios and genesis event date will be announced soon.

**Registration has not opened yet. More information on when and how to register via the Source Web 3.0 app will be available soon.

Bonus Eligibility

Contributors and participants to the SOURCE testnet (now public) will be eligible to receive bonus SOURCE-drop from active participation such as setting up a validator node, launching a smart contract, and more. Additional contributions and active participation by community members will also be rewarded.

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