Features Part 2

***At this time, SOURCE Blockchain is in a testing phase and provides a Public Testnet. The Testnet can be utilized to deploy Nodes, Validator Nodes and to deploy and test Smart Contracts and decentralized applications.

Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC)

At the heart of Cosmos ecosystem is the Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC), which sets the table for an interoperable base layer 0 to now be used to transfer data packets across thousands of independent networks supporting IBC. Naturally, the next evolutionary milestone is to enable cross-network smart contracts. This enables Source smart contracts to interoperate with all IBC enabled networks, regardless of wasm support on external networks.

Cosmos SDK

The Source blockchain is built using the Cosmos SDK framework. A generalized framework that simplifies the process of building secure blockchain applications on top of Tendermint BFT. It is based on two major principles: Modularity & capabilities-based security.

Agreement on the network is reached via Tendermint BFT consensus.

Tendermint BFT is a solution that packages the networking and consensus layers of a blockchain into a generic engine, allowing developers to focus on application development as opposed to the complex underlying protocol.

Ignite CLI is a CLI tool for creating and maintaining sovereign application-specific blockchains. Blockchains created with Ignite CLI use Cosmos SDK and Tendermint. Ignite CLI and the Cosmos SDK modules are written in the Go programming language. The scaffolded blockchain that is created with Ignite CLI includes a command line interface that lets you manage keys, create validators, and send tokens.

CosmWasm is written as a module that can plug into the Cosmos SDK. This means that anyone currently building a blockchain using the Cosmos SDK can quickly and easily add CosmWasm smart contracting support to their chain, without adjusting existing logic.

Rust is currently the most used programming language for CosmWasm, in the future, it is possible to have different programming languages like AssemblyScript

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