Why Guardian Nodes?

Enhanced Security and Trust for Enterprise Solutions

The SOURCE team has set out to create a blockchain like no other. Inspired by the function of the United States Supreme Court. 13 Guardian Validator Nodes have been deployed at Genesis to ensure network security, enhance trust for enterprise businesses, and generate continuous value growth for the network and the SOURCE community. The Guardian Nodes offer strategic business advantages and leverage to support the network and strategic business partners.

The benefits of Guardian Nodes are as follows:

  • They act as a fale-safe to secure the chain from malicious governance. NOTE: they do not participate in non-malicious governance, therefor governance is fully guided by the SOURCE community validators and delegators.

  • They help distribute the network. Guardian Nodes on SOURCE help mitigate a top heavy network distribution. This effectively spreads the network more fairly to more community validators. How does the SOURCE team make the network more decentralized and distributed by running Guardian Nodes themselves and why not just run a single Guardian Node? By setting commissions at 100% the SOURCE team has made it so that the community has no incentive to delegate to Guardian Nodes. This forces delegators to stake with community validators rewarding them as they would on any other POS chain and further distributing the network. A single top heavy node would also pose a security risk to the chain.

  • They reduce circulating supply. SOURCE tokens in the 13 Guardian Nodes cannot be sold off or "dumped" as they would then no longer provide the fail safe layer of security.

  • They always accumulate rewards effectively taking tokens out of circulating supply and are simultaneously increasing the value of the network.

  • Excess rewards that they produce can be sent to the community pool to further progress the chain or fund the community.

  • Provide a slight level of centralization to give enterprise businesses more confidence and trust in launching their blockchain solutions on SOURCE.

Guardian Nodes in regard to Governance

Nefarious narratives are not always perceived as immediate threats by individuals with limited technical expertise, and the Guardian Nodes are to be viewed as a “fail-safe” mechanism that provides enhanced security to the SOURCE network. Subversive, threatening and spammy proposals will be immediately shut down and prevented by Guardian Nodes as they exist as a deterrent for any malicious behavior.

Guardian Nodes use SOURCE delegated to them from strategic enterprise partners. These partners will have signed private contracts to commit their delegated tokens to assigned Guardian Nodes as well as trusted community validators.

Source Protocol’s founding team encourages the education and active participation of the community to distribute their delegations to several validator nodes. This increases chain security and makes the network more decentralized. Everyone in the community will have a different level of commitment to actively participate in governance. It is recommended to always research your SOURCE community validator.

Value-Backing from Guardian Node Staking

Not only do Guardian Nodes protect and secure the chain, they also provide the chain with a revenue stream. Guardian Nodes will provide additional revenue to the Community Pool, Liquidity Mining Rewards and Strategic Reserve. This allows for a steady flow of value to expand and improve the development, adoption and progress of the SOURCE ecosystem.

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