A tutorial for beginners on how to join and participate in the SOURCE blockchain network

1. Download and Secure your Keplr wallet


Be sure to backup your 12- or 24-word Keplr Wallet seed phrase and store it offline. Remember, NOT YOUR KEYS, NOT YOUR CRYPTO. Your wallet is your own responsibility. We recommend backing up via a secure USB drive and notepad. NEVER STORE YOUR PHRASE ON GMAIL OR THE CLOUD.



2A. - Connect Keplr Wallet

3. Buy OSMO or USDC and Swap for SOURCE

3A. - With Keplr connected to a "BUY TOKENS" button will appear in the bottom left corner of the app. Click "Buy Tokens" to on-ramp fiat dollars into crypto.

3B. - Use Kado or Transak to purchase OSMO or USDC. You will then be taken through a quick KYC form. This is for anti-money laundering purposes. Your information is secure.

IMPORTANT: Always keep a small amount of OSMO in your wallet for gas and IBC transfers.

3C. - Swap OSMO or USDC for SOURCE and confirm the transaction with Keplr wallet

4. Send SOURCE on Osmosis to SOURCE on Source via IBC transfer and stake SOURCE tokens to help secure the network

  1. Click Assets tab on Osmosis, it will look something like this

  2. Next on the SOURCE line, click "Withdraw >"

  1. Next, enter the amount you will be sending and click "Withdraw SOURCE", Keplr will then pop up and ask you to Approve the transaction. Click "Approve"

5. STAKE your SOURCE and earn rewards for contributing to secure the network

Now that you have SOURCE tokens on the SOURCE blockchain network you can stake to earn rewards.


5A. Connect Keplr by click "CONNECT WALLET" in the top right corner of the app

Once connected, refresh the page and you will see you SOURCE balance on the dashboard.

5B. Click the "Staking tab"

It is recommended to spread your staking delegations to multiple Validators. Click the "Delegate" button next to the validator you wish to stake with.

Click "SEND" and approve the transaction. Your tokens stay in your wallet this only gives the validator permission to stake your tokens on your behalf. The validators earn a commission by providing this service to the network.

Congratulations! you are now staking and earning rewards by the block on the SOURCE network. You can now return to the Dashboard and view your balance as well as how many Rewards have been earned.

LEAP WALLET - Alternative Wallet

Source is now accessible on LEAP. The LEAP Wallet can be downloaded here as browser extension and can be downloaded as a mobile application from your app store and can be an alternative wallet solution that offers a different experience and additional features.

The SOURCE Network can be easily added by following the steps below.

Browser Extension

Open your Leap Wallet Extension. Select Networks/Switch Chain and search "Source" and "Add Chain"


With the Leap Mobile App, Open the in app browser and go to:

Search "Source" and "Add Chain"

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