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Why Source

What makes Source Protocol different from competing blockchain technology?
Unlike the vast majority of existing industry players, Source is an all-encompassing ecosystem. You can think of it as a one-stop-shop. It is not just one chain, token, coin, feature or product, but several that work collectively to form a technology infrastructure that provides value for anyone, from the retail user to the developer to the enterprise. We have a huge incentive infrastructure for users and developers to come, and stay.

For Builders

Speed: Use of Cosmos SDK & Tendermint Consensus ensures high throughput and fast smart contract execution
Cost: Low cost deployment up to 35,000 times cheaper than gen-2 blockchain networks
Scalability: Developers can deploy apps in multiple coding languages using the powerful CosmWasm Contract Framework

For Users

Solvency & Sustainability: Automated liquidity mechanisms create a continuously self-funded, solvent and liquid network.
Reducing Complexity: Source makes the complicated, uncomplicated. We’re lowerin g DeFi’s barrier to entry and creating products like Source Token to encourage participation and adoption.
Enhanced Security & Governance: Use of Guardian Nodes for protected governance infrastructure and malicious proposal tracking mechanisms.

For the Enterprise

White Label DeFi Integration: With DeFi-as-a-Service (DaaS), we’re integrating our tech stack with banks, metaverses, traditional fintech, OTC brokerages and more. Source is positioning itself for major volume exchange.
Enterprise Onboarding Programs: We're creating a partner network of OTCs, exchanges, and digital asset custody providers to streamline the enterprise user experience.