Enabling individuals, developers and enterprises to produce and consume with complete ownership and control over their assets
As a team of experienced developers, blockchain tech experts and finance professionals, Source was created out of our belief in sovereignty for all. By supercharging the power of Web 3.0 tech and making economic interaction more accessible, efficient and private, we’re building a new blockchain-powered ecosystem to enable the next generation of individuals, developers and enterprises with complete ownership and control over their assets.
Despite the challenges, Source embraces the evolution and benefits of various blockchain technologies to date. Thus, Source is creating a continuously evolving and all-encompassing Web 3.0 suite that unites state of the art technologies in a multi-chain, interoperable and automated ecosystem. We're creating an environment where DeFi apps, NFTs, P2E, Metaverses, DeSci, Privacy Networks, and more can benefit from speed, cost and scalability; where users can enjoy a sustainable, secure and simple ecosystem; and where enterprises can adopt this technology with ease.
As the Web 3.0 space grows and matures, Source's focus will remain on value creation design for our community and users, ensuring superior economic sustainability and features are a high priority.