Source Members

Source Member dashboard is a portal that offers community participation and unique rewards.

Sign up:

Using this Link, Sign up on the Source Members dashboard. Enter your NAME, EMAIL, and CREATE PASSWORD.

Connect Wallet:

If you are new to MetaMask and Keplr you will want to create those wallets first. See "How to: MetaMask" HERE. And for Keplr install click HERE.
Click the
Metamask Icon in the BSC Receive Address and SRCX Receive Address fields to connect your wallet and upload your addresses. Metamask will offer a pop up to connect your wallet to the site, hit ACCEPT.
Click the
Keplr Icon first in the COSMOS Receive Address field. Click the accept on the Keplr pop up to connect your wallet to the site and upload your Cosmos address. Once your Comos address has been uploaded, follow the same steps for the SOURCE Receive Address field. This will generate you SOURCE Blockchain address that can be used for the current testnet and the upcoming Mainnet launch of the Blockchain.


Once all fields have been filled in, hit next to submit the form. You will be sent a verification Email to finalize your sign up. Once finalized, you will be able to log into your members dashboard.
Once Tokens have been added to your wallets, hitting the refresh icon next to your wallet balance fields while signed into the dashboard will allow your balances to be uploaded and displayed.