A Public, Permission-less Blockchain Network Powering Web 3.0

Existing Blockchain Solutions are Falling Short

  • Majority of protocols are reliant on centralized exchanges for liquidity, limiting their ability to scale independently

  • Slow transactions speeds, high costs, limited scalability, and inability to collaborate and share information with other chains, has created severe limitations in Gen 2 blockchain infrastructure

  • There still exists a level of complexity in blockchain applications that remains a barrier to entry for the average user

  • There is not enough focus on building “bridges” for the enterprise to adopt this new technology easily and quickly

Consumers are eager for a blockchain ecosystem that can securely and sustainably support mass adopted applications.

A Summary on the $SOURCE blockchain network

SOURCE is a standalone, layer 1, proof-of-stake blockchain, based in the Cosmos Hub IBC ecosystem (the Interchain). SOURCE has been built with Ignite CLI (formerly Starport), which utilizes the Tendermint BFT consensus mechanism (Ignite) and the Cosmos SDK. This enables interoperable transactions with other layer 1 Cosmos Hub blockchains and creates a developer-friendly platform to build on top of.

With SOURCE, everyone has access to a highly efficient, scalable and interoperable blockchain network to create apps, smart contracts and tools for the Web 3.0 Economy. Developers, enterprises and individuals can build, integrate and use everything from DeFi apps, NFTs, play-to-earn, metaverse, privacy networks, DeSci, and much more.

Key Components

  • Sustainable Growth model built for enterprise involvement and mass application adoption

  • Guardian Validator Nodes for enhanced network security

  • Integration with Source Protocol’s Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem and Decentralized Money Market, Source One Market

  • Source-Drop (Fair community airdrop and asset distribution for ATOM and SRCX holders)

  • Interoperable smart contracts (IBC)

  • High speed transaction finality

  • Affordable gas fees (average of $0.01 per transaction)

  • Highly scalable infrastructure

  • Open-source

  • Permission-less Modular Wasm + (EVM)

  • Secured on-chain governance

  • Ease of use for developers

Implementing Sustainable Growth

Sustainable growth is a concept that is severely lacking in the blockchain space, and even in federally-managed fiat currency. Value-backed global currencies, like a gold-backed dollar, have been absent for decades, for example. The global financial system and its counterpart, the global economy, at their current states are more unstable than ever, with inflation and de-leveraging continually on the rise. Blockchain and smart contract technology has massive potential to emerge as key resolutions to the global fiat currency and economy devaluation and inflationary crisis. However, inherent volatility and speculation with crypto assets and blockchain networks have been pointed to as primary unstable growth factors, hindering mass adoption of Bitcoin and more recently, Web 3.0 application usage.

With smart contracts, we can lock-in sustainable value on-chain. They allow for transaction fee accrual and automated processes that can be strategically programmed into economic models that can achieve enduring success. $SRCX, Source Protocol's smart contract utility token with automation fees for passive DeFi yield market participation, has already begun to demonstrate how a model like this can be used.

If growth mechanisms like the above were to be successfully integrated into a blockchain economy like SOURCE, it would play a significant factor toward improving security, trust and mass adoption. This, combined with fast transaction speeds, low network fees, secured governance modeling, highly scalable infrastructure, and interoperable IBC capable smart contracts, will provide a massive competitive advantage over current top-tier protocols.

It is time for a blockchain ecosystem to push beyond the status quo and introduce a sustainable growth model that will help to unleash the power behind this great technology. This is what we are building with Source Protocol and the introduction of $SOURCE.

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