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Source Swap

An Interchain DEX and AMM


Source Swap is a DEX and AMM currently in beta testing that will allow for trading and liquidity mining of SOURCE-based tokens, native Cosmos SDK assets and cw-20's. Wrapped tokens from SOURCE Protocol’s Binance Smart Chain-based “Source One" Market will also be integrated. It will allow users to use IBC transfers from various chains for a secure and interoperable user experience. Liquidity pool incentives will be provided from the SOURCE liquidity mining reward allocation from the genesis distribution.

Fees: Transaction, Swap, and Exit

Transaction fees are paid by users when signing and posting transactions to SOURCE Chain. These fees are distributed to SOURCE stakers.
Swap fees are paid by users when trading with the SOURCE Swap AMM decentralized exchange. They are calculated based on trade size and vary by liquidity pool. These fees are added to their respective pool and then distributed to users based on the proportion of their liquidity pool token share.
Exit fees are paid by users when exiting a liquidity pool. They are calculated as a percentage of LP token shares being redeemed. Upon exit, the user’s LP shares are burned and the value is distributed to the remaining LP shares. Exit fees are set by the pool creator. SOURCE governance can also deploy additional fees to improve the network if needed.

Source One Market & Source One Card

The Source One Market on Binance Smart Chain is a non-custodial, peer-to-peer lending and borrowing market where users are able to earn rewards from lending and access credit lines by collateralizing their crypto assets. Source One Market assets will be bridgeable to SOURCE Chain, where they can be traded and used for liquidity pool mining within Source Swap.
This will allow for wrapped Binance Smart Chain assets (BEP-20) to have access to the Cosmos Interchain ecosystem.
Source One Market has been developed on the Binance Smart Chain in order to access large volumes of wrapped assets. SOURCE will implement a bridge and swap feature that allows simple transfer of Source One assets to be used in liquidity pools on SOURCE and Source Swap.
The Source One card will allow users to manage and pre-load value from their crypto assets to spend at retail locations and online. The card will have several additional bonuses and reward incentives. Spending crypto earnings is a great feeling and the Source Protocol development team is building the backbone to support this in a truly decentralized manner.