SRCX Audited by Techrate √

SRCX and SRC1 Audited by Certik

SRCX Fair Launch on 6.6.2022

- Nomics metrics listing (click here)

- metrics listing (click here)

- listing (click here)

Marketing Campaign for SRCX initiated

- Luna PR (activated) √

- Source Affiliate Reward Program (click here)

SRCX Exchange Listings

- Pancakeswap DEX (Live) √

- LBank Exchange (Live) √

- Coinsbit (Live) √

- P2PB2B (Live) √

- IndoEx (Live) √

- AzBit (Live) √

- CoinTiger (Live) √

- Bitmart (Live) √

PLEASE NOTE: Source One SRC1 and Source One Market deployment are necessary to activate Yield Echo Rewards for SRCX.

Source One SRC1 Launch (developed and awaiting audit)

- Airdrop SRC1 to SRCX holders

- SRC1 metrics site listings

- SRC1 exchange listings

Source One Market Launch (developed and in beta testing)

- Marketplace Audits (in process)

- Lend and borrow against your crypto assets

- Mint stablecoin USX in Source One Market

- SRCX available for supplying collateral

- SRCX Yield Echo rewards to be activated

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