Unlock the Potential of Your Business With DeFi Integration
Seamless white-label integration of Source One Market, Source Swap, Source Launch Pad, and/or Source One Card with existing online banking and financial applications, allowing businesses to bring their customers a full-stack, fully compliant, secure, and non-custodial decentralized banking experience.
Full Stack - Scalable DeFi infrastructure with 24/7 support for enterprises of all sizes
Fully Compliant - Gain access to Source's global SAFT licenses and compliant partner network
Efficient - Reduce the involvement of intermediaries and limit latency with decentralization
Secure - 3rd-party fully audited code and development secured by smart contract technology
Non-Custodial - Source's DeFi suite requires no need to custody customer's assets
Accessible - Expand your operations with a borderless digital ecosystem that is open, fair and accessible to all